A Teenage Girl Fights Demons In A Whole New Way In Wayward #1


Wayward01_CoverANew from Image Comics comes Wayward #1, an exciting action adventure comic. Because her parents split up, Rori Lane, a half-japanese, half-irish teen girl with a bright shock of red hair goes to live in Japan with her mother. While adjusting to life in her new surroundings, she discovers that she has powers she didn’t know about before and finds that things on the streets of Tokyo are a little rougher than she expected.

Jim Zub calls Wayward #1 “Buffy-esque,” and I agree. There is plenty of action, and though Jim Zub is not a teenage girl, he nails Rori’s voice in a way that made me identify with her story so far. I’m excited to see where this story takes us.

The art for this issue is amazingly well done, evoking an anime style while still keeping it fairly realistic. The color palette perfectly showcases life in the big city as well as the semi-fantasy nature of the story.  Wayward #1 is drawn by Steve Cummings, and colored by John Rauch and Jim Zub, and features no fewer than eleven variant covers.

Wayward #1 is available from Image Comics today, August 27th.


















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