Ghostbusters Mass Hysteria Volume 19: Acts of Desperation


Ghostbusters19coverWhat do you do when the Goddess of Chaos decides that your city is her ultimate playground? Ghostbusters: Mass Hysteria reaches its climax with volume 19. With only one issue left to go, Tiamat has carved a path of chaos through the city, and has no intent of slowing down (unless she gets bored, then everyone just dies). The plot continues where the previous issue left off. Ray has been possessed simultaneously by Gozer & Tiamat, who are using his mind as their own private thunder dome to work out their little sibling rivalry. When all of their normal tactics fail, the Ghostbusters team struggles to find a solution. The crew must find a way to remove the ancient Sumerian Gods before they destroy their friend and the world. Will they turn to an act of desperation?

 The dialogue is fun and witty despite the impending apocalypse, which is exactly what one would expect out of a Ghostbusters story. Writer Erik Burnham continually delivers fun new storylines while staying true to the roots of the universe that was created. Readers familiar with the movies, games and comics will see frequent references and throw backs, adding a fun bit of nostalgia, especially with familiar baddies like Gozer mucking about. (Marshmallows anyone?)



The art style is unique as well as fun, and the coloring is always appropriate to the scene. Throughout this issue Tiamet and Gozer are depicted shifting through many different physical forms, which adds visual interest, as well as reinforcing the powerful nature of the characters. It’s a great display of Burnham’s versatility and sense of playfulness that is very enjoyable to read and look at.


TG2Part of the Mass Hysteria story line has already made it to trade paper form (see the Fangirl review here), and I would highly recommend starting the series from the beginning, seeing as this is the second to last issue. However, if you just want to get your feet wet and give it a try, never fear, each issue of Ghostbusters includes a brief synopsis at the beginning of the issue to get you up to speed. This is a great read for any fan of Ghostbusters, paranormal and sci-fi works, and especially for those who like a little humor mixed in with their monsters.



Ghostbusters is available from IDW Comics


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