Review: Bee and Puppycat #3


kaboom_bee_and_puppycat_003_aI am unabashedly excited to share with you my review of Bee and Puppycat. To contain any remnants of professionalism, I should preface this review that I will be writing with the unrestrained happiness of a fangirl.

For those who have never heard of Bee and Puppycat, I would gleefully point you to the animated short on Cartoon Hangover.

Some of those cosplay outfits from comic conventions are making some sense now, I bet.

Bee and Puppycat was created by Natasha Allegri (she has the most fun Tumblr. Check it out). On the same day that  Bee is fired from her job, Puppycat falls from the sky onto her. Puppycat is no ordinary creature. He is sent a summons to Fishbowl Space where he and Bee complete temporary tasks for cash. The style is heavily influenced by Sailor Moon and all other magical girl art style. The humor can be random, absurd, adorable, and sweet. Yes, it can be all of that.

After becoming a rabid fan from the short, will the comic book version warm the fuzzy goodness inside? That shouldn’t have even been a question. It certainly did.

Bee and Puppycat #3 is distributed thanks to Kaboom! studios. Each of the previous issues  has different writers and illustrators working on the series. Individually the issues still hold strong. Each has it’s own style and personality. The second issue is the most fun involving music and QR codes.

Similar to a manga, each issue contains stories of the main characters along a bonus side story. The Bee and Puppycat comic series are organized to result in maximum delight with humor, various pages of fan art, and the characters themselves.

The third issue is written and illustrated by Tait Howard (who also has a really fun Tumblr here). This installment comes right after their first job (see short). Bee and Puppycat have have been house sitting and realize that they left the place a complete mess. So they are both forced to clean (I share in the disgust of cleaning). They are soon sent a task from Fishbowl Space for a dangerous mission to rescue some cute creatures from a non-cute creature.

It was really fun seeing these characters continue their adventures. Bee is one of the most likeable characters out there with her quirky personality. Then there is the ultimate adorable Puppycat. Just too adorable.

If you haven’t sensed it by now, the main them is adorable and fun.  If you enjoy one or both of these themes, then I highly recommend the watching the animated short and then devouring the comics.

For fans of the short, it delivers the fun. It is not hard to jump into either issue if you are the initiate. The beautiful cover art would definitely grab the attention of any Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura fans. The intent of this comic is pure fun. Sometimes we all need just a small bit of fun in our life.Or a lot. I definitely require alot.

This did however leave me with even more excruciating need for Bee and Puppycat. One amazing animated short and three comic books is nowhere near enough. This is the ultimate comic candy and I have become addicted. Now that I have had a taste of the comic version, I will now add this to my pull list. Plus eagerly waiting for the next animated short.

Bee and Puppycat #3 is available at your comic book store via Kaboom!








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