Skull Kickers #30


image courtesy of the Skull Kickers website

There are many wonderful things about Skull Kickers; the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, the great art, the humor. All of this gets put into the newest issue, which not only showcases the wonderful talent of artists Jeff Cruz and Royce Southerland. This issue is a bit odd, however, as it doesn’t follow the main storyline of Skull Kickers. Instead, readers get sneak peeks into alternate versions of the characters. The issue is split into four different stories: Shaolin Skull Battle (a martial arts showcase), Axeman the Skull Knight (a superhero type parody), The Sky Countess of Jupiter (a nod to classic science fiction stories written by Will Hindmarch), and Fill ‘er Up (a biker gang zombie adventure). Each of the stories has its own arc and, in true Skull Kickers fashion, a way of playing with and poking fun at the tropes of the genre its part of it. The characters are all recognizable even in their alternate universes, and the settings are familiar but also unique to the comic. Much like the rest of the series, the humor can go from almost goofy to black comedy in a second, and not all of it is in the dialogue.

Skull Kickers is a great read for anyone who likes a little bit of dark humor, some cartoon violence, and some levity to their fantasy storytelling. It’s also fun for tabletop gamers to check out, as the comic as a whole reads very much like a session gone horrible wrong (or right, depending on the players). Issue 30 is a segue into the final arc of the series according to the creators, and in their own words: “Get ready for it, because we’re going out BIG!” You can find it here, at Image Comics.


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