Supreme Blue Rose #2


image courtesy of Image Comics

Supreme Blue Rose is a comic that had an interesting start. Image is known for being home to some of the less traditional comics, and this certainly qualifies. This issue brings back the woman with red hair, although we still don’t really know who she is, and we learn a bit more about Diana Dane and where she’s going. We also learn about more about what Mr. Dax does, or rather, what those under his employ do for him. Time was a theme in this issue, with the b-plot being about a scientist who discovered something key about how time works. There are many things being put into play, and it seems like the story will be a bit of an enigma until the arc gets closer to wrapping. 
The art of Tula Lotay is absolutely stunning in this, and every panel I find myself entranced by it. Warren Ellis’ story telling is still on point, although it would seem the series is going to be quite a trip for at least another few issues. There are many questions that are raised by the end of this issue, and each new release will be a step forward to the answers.
Supreme Blue Rose is distributed by Image Comics, and can be found here. It’s available now in stores and as a digital comic.


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