Age Appropriate Review: Doctor Who ‘Into the Dalek’



Editor’s Note: So often the intended audiences of a television program or book series get passed over in a wave of adult cynicism and review. We decided to give the intended audiences a chance to review the books and television shows intended for their age range, and Age Appropriate Reviews was born.  11-year-old Rory reviews ‘Into the Dalek’ from Doctor Who. 

Doctor Who Series 8The episode starts with a woman and a man in a spaceship that has been majorly damaged. The woman is trying to contact someone for help while  attempting to wake the injured man. You hear an explosion then it goes to  the credits. Then, it goes to the school Clara works at. You meet the new teacher Danny Pink, who is teaching some students. You learn that he’s a soldier, but has a soft side. I get that they’re trying to set up this  love story with Clara but I don’t really care that much about Danny Pink at this time.

 Suddenly, the Doctor whisks Clara away and explains what
 happened with the woman. Clara is just angry that he was 3 weeks late
 getting coffee. Clara meets the woman once they reach the ship and finds
 out her name is Journey Blue. The people on the ship found a good Dalek.
 Clara, The Doctor, Journey, and two other people are shrunk and put in
 the Dalek to try to find what’s wrong. To me the theme is good and bad. The
 Doctor doesn’t know if he’s a good man. Clara doesn’t know if
 Daleks can change.

 I liked the episode. It wasn’t my favorite but it’s cool to see the
 inside of a Dalek. My favorite part Clara slapping The Doctor because he
 deserved it. The ending was also interesting. I await more.


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