‘Return to London’ Calls for a Plane Ticket


cover51932-smallLondon may be one of the most famous cities in the world, but it is still shrouded in secrecy. In Terence Jenkin’s book Return to London, the reader gets a look at historical spots in London that might not be in a traditional guidebook. From parks and trench areas where citizens were accidentally killed during raids in World War II to the hidden walks and memorials for various accidents and lesser known members of the royal family, Return to London lovingly looks at the city where so many people have lived and died.

Jenkins is British through and through with his descriptions of locals and history. Americans may have a hard time understanding certain phrases and common English colloquialisms, but the descriptions are easy enough to follow. For those who have not spent a good deal of time in the UK or watching BBC programming, a quick trip to UrbanDictionary.com may clear a few things up.

Terence Jenkins’ Return to London could have done with a few more pictures and maybe a map or two, but overall the experience is enough to make me want to board a plane and do as the title says.

Return to London is now available from Troubadour Press.


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