CarpeDiem Volume #1: I Hate Mondays


A1_Presents_CARPE_DIEm_coverDo your comic loves lean more toward the bizarre? Do you find that darn Nyaan Cat to be annoying and would love to see it destroyed? Carpe Diem Volume #1: I Hate Mondays may be the colorfully twisted graphic novel of your dreams. The Carpe Diem crew consist of 7 days of the week-themed characters, a talking koala butler named Jude and the leader, a large 8-Ball-Headed man known simply as 8th Day. The scourge of Satantic Priest Chefs and Killer Clowns everywhere, the Carpe Diem crew fights various evil Pop Culture-referenced foes. One particular villain travels on the back of internet’s famed Nyaan Cat. Another character becomes a ‘roided-out plumber after eating a mushroom. Still, there are consistancies including Mr. Monday always being destroyed at the beginning of a mission; these scenes are cathartic coming back to work on a Monday morning.

Each section of the collection includes a pin-up style shot of the crew and what they do. Sir Sunday is an Odin-like figure who does not much care for downtime and tends to act as a Father to the group. Lady Saturday is a sharp-shooting international model and hormonal teenager. Sir Friday is rumored to be of Middle Eastern decent, but is also a silent ninja and no one has ever seen his face. Sir Thursday is a mystic. Sir Wednesday is a professional wrestler. Sir Tuesday is a redneck and yet the biggest Freddy Mercury fan of all time. Writer W.H. Rauf creates the dialogue and characters that seem so complete and yet so silly. Artist Rhoald Marcellius draws Nyann Cats and killer teddy bears as if they were the most natural things on earth. I would love to be in a planning session between the two. Sakti Yuwono keeps the colors nice and bright, catching the eye with each page turn. Their efforts are tied together by Editor Dave Elliot, known for his work on Weirding Willows (with which Carpe Diem was originally packaged in individual issues).

Despite bright colors are cartoon villains, Carpe Diem is not for children. There is violence galore, and though most is comical, it may be hard to explain to a child why a scimitar is buried deep in the stomach of a talking teddy bear or why drugs are a terrible thing. Carpe Diem made me laugh page after page and even contemplate how hard it would be to put together the weaponry for a Carpe Diem crew cosplay.

Carpe Diem Volume #1: I Hate Mondays is available from Titan Comics September 3, 2014.


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