Mistress of Death: CrappyTaxidermy.com Gets its Very Own Book


cover50116-smallCrap Taxidermy, by Kat Su, is a side-splittingly funny collection of images of poorly constructed taxidermy animals from across the world. The images are taken from her popular website, crappytaxidermy.com and highlights what goes wrong when people use animal anatomy as a suggestion rather than a rule.

From googly eyes to animals with proportions not found in nature, the book is page after page of hilarious taxidermy images. A personal favorite is the rat turned centipede and a gun toting opossum from the United States. The book also includes a special bonus section on how to create your own taxidermy mouse. The images come from many countries, proving once and for all that the United Kingdom and the States are not the only places with bad stuffed animals.

Crap Taxidermy is an enjoyable collection for folks who lovers of taxidermy and those type of people like myself who slow down at all roadside attractions.

Crap Taxidermy is available from Ten Speed press September 8, 2014.


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