El Deafo Gives Children a Positive Way to Look at Hearing Loss


cover43170-mediumCece Bell is like many people who became deaf at a young age. After a terrible illness, Bell woke to discover that her hearing was almost entirely gone. Using an adorable rabbit and her family, Cece tells the story of the illness that caused her to go deaf and her life following in her graphic novel El Deafo. She speaks of going to a special school and wearing special hearing aid to help her. She shows what it is like to return to your friends and having to learn how to read lips.

Most importantly, Cece Bell’s book El Deafo shows deaf children that they can be as imaginative and creative as anyone else. Cece the rabbit continues to live her life and enjoy the world around her, even with inconveniences and difficulties.

El Deafo does not have a vibe of “poor me” but rather “you can do it!” Children with deaf classmates or siblings, or those children who have recently lost hearing, will be able to see a serious struggle through the images of a cheerful bunny rabbit. This book is highly recommended for children.

El Deafo is available from Abrams Press September 2, 2014.


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