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Evil_Empire_004_COVER-ASay Anything frontman Max Bemis presents a grim dystopian future set twenty five years in the future with flashbacks to the present day to chronicle the events created the titular Evil Empire. With the self-awareness that is Bemis’ trademark, he deftly avoids the clichés of the genre and presents a story filled with interesting characters and jaw-dropping plot twists.

Evil Empire #4 begins twenty five years in the future with a scene that illustrates how the Evil Empire deals with loyal citizens who wonder whether the Empire has passed its glory days. Then things shift to the present with protagonist Reese Greenwood, a politically minded singer songwriter who is dating the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. She is dealing with the aftermath of the events at Laramy’s cabin and preparing for what looks like the inevitable election of her boyfriend to President of the United States. The majority of the issue revolves around Reese as she pieces together a mystery and ends, as almost every issue has, with an astounding plot twist.

Evil Empire #4 is the first issue completely illustrated by Andrea Mutti without previous primary artist Ransom Getty. Having worked on previous issues, her artwork blends coherently with the style of Evil Empire as a whole. In previous issues, Reese Greenwood has clearly been portrayed as a person of color. In an odd turn of events, Reese is drawn so she appears to be white for the majority of the issue. It’s an odd inconsistency in a comic filled with otherwise fantastic art.

Evil Empire #4 is a great read for fans of engrossing stories with great plot twists. It is out as of September 27, 2014 through BOOM! Studios

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