Vampirella #4: Greece is Not a Vacation


VampiVol2-04-Cov-DodsonFor lovers of Sunglasses After Dark, the news that Nancy A Collins was taking over the writing for Vampirella was a joyful announcement. Known for her skills with writing vampire characters, Collins has managed to take the familiar tiny-bikined heroine and made it enjoyable.  In issue #4 of the new series, Vampirella is in Greece looking for a rare vampire creature known as the Lamia. Due to a curse where she is being taken over for Umbra (our Lady of Shadows), Vampirella must drink the blood of the Lamia in order to help break the curse. She is joined by a Nosferatu named Drago.

Nancy Collins tells a story that doesn’t disappoint and gives Vampirella a good deal of strength and power. Despite the fact that Patrick Berkenkotter’s art work still must show the traditionally revealing costume of Vampirella, the comic no longer feels like just an eyecandy comic. Vampirella is both strong and cursed.

Vampirella #4 is available from Dynamite September 3, 2014.


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