The Squidder #3


STK648273Written and drawn by Ben Templesmith, The Squidder #3 is the chronicle of an old genetically modified soldier at the center of a prophecy in a world on the brink of horrifying destruction at the hands of its Squid overlords.

The Squidder #3 begins by filling in a little of the protagonist’s past and giving more information on the plague that devastated humanity. In the present, Jack and the priestess head toward the Mother Superior who severed the connection between the priestesses and the Great Squid. As they search for answers and are given a vision of the darkness to come, one of the many Squid queens tracks them and prepares to attack in a bid for freedom from the Dark Father. While filled with exposition, the issue manages to strike a balance by keeping up a fast pace with plenty of action.

Fans of Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse will recognize Templesmith’s very distinctive art style. His choice of color palette makes the issue easy to navigate. The flashbacks to the plague camp are done in blacks and whites with splashes of color to provide emphasis in particular panels. When the story shifts to the Squid queen, each panel is saturated with the brightest colors to be found in the issue. As in previous issues, the speech bubbles of the Squid queen are done in black with green text making them difficult to read.

The Squidder #3 continues to be an amazing, bizarre read to be enjoyed by fans of Templesmith’s previous work as well as cephalopod enthusiasts.

The Squidder #3 is now available from IDW.


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