Webcomic Review: Ava’s Demon


photo-main         Personal demons can torment you, make you say and do things you sorely regret. Loneliness is a prison, leaving you longing for a fresh start. Ongoing science fiction webcomic Ava’s Demon makes the demon literal for young Ava Ire. Author and illustrator Michelle Czajkowski, designed her work to be seen as a film’s color script. Each page is a single panel with periodic inclusions of a short animated sequence. Czaikowski’s character and background designs are appealing and her luminescent color palette glows.

Fifteen year old Ava Ire has been haunted all her life by sadistic demon, a spirit who has driven everyone away and encouraged her to commit suicide. One day Scavengers arrive to destroy the planet. Ava stows away on the ship commandeered by Odin, a stuttering young man who had rescued Maggie, one of her classmates. The three crash into a nearby planet where, on the brink of death, Ava finally listens to her demon’s story. Wrathia Bellarmina was once an intergalactic queen but was challenged by a powerful foe. To escape capture, Wrathia, her husband Pedri and their best warriors killed themselves with a special potion. Their spirits attached themselves to the next creature born in the universe with the goal to form a pact with their hosts. Wrathia wants Ava’s help in getting revenge on her nemesis TITAN, who with corporate powers appears to be an all powerful god.

Czaikowski has created a rich world with distinct characters I look forward to learning more about. The conflict between Queen Wraithia and TITAN looks like two oppressive forces, with no clear right or wrong yet. The backstories shown so far reveal complexities of characters and it can be discerned that both the protagonists and demons possess qualities of the seven deadly sins. Emotion and movement are expressively conveyed, truly high quality art. This cinematic comic has adorable and surprisingly dark moments. One page panels make for quick reads so thankfully Ava’s Demon updates twice a week and shows signs of moving past its set up stage. I highly recommend taking a look and supporting the artist, they are both lovely.


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