Meeting Place of the Dead is a Chilling Look at Paranormal Investigation


cover52130-mediumMeeting Place of the Dead by Richard Palmisano follows the investigation of a haunted property in Canada, step by step. Including the dialogue of mediums and a tool known as a “Spirit Box,” Meeting Place of the Dead pieces together several investigations and the entities discovered during them.

Child-like gray demon creatures hide in wait and ghosts confess their abusive crimes. While Palmisano’s layout can at times feel more like a clinical study than a ghost investigation, it is difficult not to feel spooked as one turns through the pages. Are there that many ghosts on one property?

Meeting Place of the Dead is a quick read, and also uncomfortable for those who believe in ghosts and demons. Many times in the book it feels Palmisano and his team are just a few feet from being attacked by something they cannot see.

Meeting Place of the Dead is available now.


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