Expanding the Internet Horizon: Online Gaming Personalities


Recent events in the online community has sparked a national debate within the geek community. A debate that has been battled over and over and over again. With the rise of acknowledgement of females in the geek community, there has been an equal rise in animosity and resentment towards geek girls.

Instead of using energy to deflect ourselves from such a negative community, we should focus and spread awareness to those  on the opposite of the spectrum. Those who encourage everyone to share in the happiness in playing a game. Those who spend their time, energy, and enthusiasm to release content sharing their love of a game: Online gaming personalities.

Youtube and Twitch have hosted millions of gaming channels. This list highlight only a sliver of that. To augment the idea that yes, females are gamers, this list mainly focuses on female online personalities. The only criteria is that they all love to game.

Feel free to comment with any personalities that should be focused on. I will begin with an inspiration from Little Nicky: RELEASE THE GOOD, RELEASE THE AWESOME


  • PressHearttoContinuepressheart to continue Hosted by Dodger. A great resource for gaming news. She has expanded her channel to include other things as well. Fun personality to watch, incredibly enthusiastic, passionate, and knowledgeable about the geek world.


cooptitudeFelicia Day has  been one of the most amazing leaders in the geek community. From the success of “The Guild” to establishing the Geek and Sundry website, she has planted her love for all things geeks. Geek and Sundry host so many shows that your bound to find something to catch your interest. Day co-hosts Co-Optitide with her brother, Ryan. They both do hilarious walk throughs of games from older systems like NES. Anyone whohad to game with their siblings growing up would definitely relate.

ROG minx


Hailing from the UK, Michelle hosts many videos where plays a different assortment of RPG (role playing games). Often playing these games with other people,your ears will be assaulted with colorful languages in accents.



Two female hosts, Mari and Stacey, offer their own videos with flair. They have Let’s Play videos, easter egg videos, and an interesting video titled “9 Video Game Boyfriends to Steal Your Heart”

mrsviolenceMrs. Violence, a.k.a Kelly, is well known in the gaming spheres. She has won numerous gaming tournaments and conducts interviews for Cyber Sports Network. She not only has a youtube channel but also a Twitch account where you can watch her play games live.

hawpIf your looking for some comedy and sarcastic humor, then check out this channel. Ash plays a different game in each video or some weird hilarious skit. Once you watch one video,it’s hard to stop.Join Ash, her friends, and even her father (I believe) in these wacky gaming videos. Warning: lots of swearing and crude humor. Plus there is a joint video with online favorite Freddie Wong. Mad props, Ash.


video_games_awesome_fan_poster_by_dragriff-d58rxbcFar From Subtle is one of my favorite play-through channels, hands down. It is a group of friends(including a female so it does relate to this post) who will live stream a game with a constant comment feed on the the side. With such a large group, it makes for entertaining outbursts and hilarity. When I am curious about a game, they are my go to since it’s a high chance they already played it. Their enthusiasm for the games are highly infectious.  I blame my empty wallet on their fun videos.

team unicornTeam Unicorn is the equivalent of the sparkly superheroes for geek girls everywhere.The quartet are fun. beautiful, and proudly flaunt all their geekdoms. The first music video they came out with is a great anthem for all geek girls including gamer geek girls.

There will all always be naysayers and judgmental people in all walks of life. I applaud all of the outspoken speakers against such a negative community. They have brought a much needed discussion and awareness.

At the same time, don’t let this discourage you from doing what you love doing. May these online personalities fuel an enthusiasm or create new passions.

Game on!


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