Mistress of Death: The Dead are Watching is a Loving Look at Life After Death


Cover for The Dead Are WatchingWhat happens after we pass away? The question has been asked by every person at least once, and continues to haunt those who remain behind after the death of a loved one. Though the creepy text and frightening cover art of Debra Robinson’s book The Dead are Watching: Stories from a Reluctant Psychic provides chills, the book couldn’t be farther from a horror novel. Robinson’s book is a loving look at the realm of the supernatural and what happens after we close our eyes for the last time in this life. From tales of ghostly children teasing nursing home patients, to the small indicators from her own son who passed away, Robinson takes a gentle and kind approach to the world of the spiritual.

The book is divided into segments, focusing on different types of spiritual experiences with people who have passed away from both peaceful and more violent deaths. Robinson’s warmth and love is evident on every page and she does not shy away from admitting when she too has been frightened by things that are darker.

Debra Robinson’s The Dead are Watching reads quickly, and is a good book for a rainy night or the longer Fall and Winter Nights. Her loving tone is respectable and makes the aspect of life after death not so scary after all.

The Dead are Watching is now available from Llewellyn Press.


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