Ray Bradbury Unbound: A Look Inside the Master of Science Fiction


cover47533-mediumRay Bradbury is best known for his work  Fahrenheit 451 and for his prolific additions to the realm of literature. However, Bradbury was not only a writer of novels and short stories. Bradbury shifted into film and television, taking his ideas and creativity with him. In Ray Bradbury Unbound, biographer Jonathan E. Eller looks at the life and times of a man known for his writing and his future vision.

Jonathan E. Eller’s work is shaped by many years of interviews with Ray Bradbury, as well as special access to papers and the private collection of the writer himself. The book touches on Bradbury’s insecurity in his writing, his desire to encourage other writers and the importance of his family. The book is written from an academic perspective, and thus is a more focused look at Bradbury’s life and experiences.

Readers interested in the life of Bradbury through the lens of television and film will greatly enjoy Ray Bradbury Unbound.

Ray Bradbury Unbound is available from the University of Illinois Press on September 15, 2014.


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