Springheeled Jack


SHJ_Cover4.jpg.size-600For those who love a truly good Victorian story straight out of the pages of a penny dreadful, the legend of Springheeled Jack is well known. Creeping through London during the reign of Queen Victoria, this creature was said to attack women before leaping away into the dark, all that remained an image of eyes like burning coal burned into their minds. David Hitchcock has taken this story and turned it into something all his own. Using the basic story of Springheeled Jack, Hitchcock gathers a cast of characters all plagued by the creature. Prince Albert even shows up in the story.

David Hitchcock works a splendid story into some of the most exquisite ink work I have ever seen. Black, white and greyscale work together to give the book a sooty Victorian feel. Each page is a work of artwork, beautiful to view even when a creepy demonic creature is gracing the pages. The back of the book also gathers the sketchwork from Hitchcock, showing the early drawings and planning sketches.

springheeledjack.jpg.size-600Springheeled Jack is an interesting read and worth the cover price for the art alone. Those who need their Victorian fix will love this boo.

Springheeled Jack is available from Titan Comics September 9, 2014.


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