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prometheusThe cycle begins anew.

Prometheus #1: Fire and Stone follows closely behind the events from the 2012 Prometheus move. That movie was the prequel for the Alien trilogy so I suppose this comic will be filling in the time gap.This is also supposed to help answer any questions from the movie.

Now to address the white elephant in the blog room. The general reception of the Prometheus movie was not good. Despite being one of the most cowardly cinematic viewer in existence, I am a huge fan of the Alien franchise. For such an  amazing trailer, the end result with the movie was very disappointing. A great sum up of how most people view this movie is wonderfully done here.

Therefore, Prometheus #1: Fire and Stone, has some very rabid fans to answer to. Two main things approaching this comic:

1. Will it take me back to what made the franchise so amazing?

2. Will it help answer all the questions I had within twenty minutes of the movie?


The bulk of Prometheus #1: Fire and Stone begins in 2219.About 130 years after the movie began. Despite the events in  Prometheus, another ship is sent out on a “salvage” mission to a planet called LV-223, the exact same planet. Except two things are shown in the comic. One is that the captain is not being very honest with the crew. Her motives may be her own or is a puppet of the Weyland-Yutani company. Second is that once they land on LV-223, it’s not a barren wasteland as expected. It’s a lush jungle, full of dangerous creatures and plants. So many hints of death and destruction. If all the carnivorous plants and creatures didn’t scream out, “run! run! run!” then let us watch the carnage unfurl.

The write, Paul Tobin, is practically hammering you on the head with foreboding warnings. It would have been really silly if there wasn’t this sense that really, really, really bad stuff is coming.The sense of dread is even heightened with each subsequent reading. It took me back to when I first watched Alien. The first time through it was frightening. The second viewing was even more frightening because all the signs and clues were there. Each re-read, would highlight another snippet of dialogue that was really telling.

Now that your mind is full of suspicious thoughts, the artwork by Juan Ferreyra will make certain that the horror imprints on your eyes.The humans are drawn very distinctly and beautiful but his work shines with the alien creatures. The most vivid and beautiful panel was the alien-monkey hybrid. The creature is so crisp, beautiful, and terrifying.

Metaphors are huge in this world. It’s even in the trees. As with all the other movies, the greek mythology is laid pretty heavily on the ships. There is one big core ship called the Geryon ( mythological creature with three heads sharing one body) that the other three ships attach themselves too. One ship is the salvage chip, Kadmos ( credited with having the first languages). The second is the patrol ship, Perseus ( son a Titan, known for destruction). The third ship is the Helios (personification of the sun). All these ships equal lots and lots of hosts.

These aliens have the best deal going for them. Humans just keep flinging themselves in their vicinity. No reason to leave the planet at all.

Prometheus #1: Fire and Stone also introduces the crew. Probably better viewed as a “who will survive?” list.

  •  Clara Atkinson:  Her main duty is to “document” the whole expedition. I suspect it’s more than that.
  • Angela Foster: The shifty captain.
  • James Weddel: The medical doctor. Unlike Prometheus, will he actually perform medical procedures?Like first aid?
  • Francis Lane: An astrobiologist/maintenance meds on constructs (cyborg). Plus he has a secret and he has a close relationship with the constructs. Extremely shifty.
  • Galgo Hedder: Chief Security officer. Who wakes up from cryo-sleep after everyone else. Questionable.
  • Piper: No clue what the role of this person is. The vagueness is suspicious

In addition, there are about 10 constructs on the Kadmos ship. Yikes. It  has been seen that one lone construct can royally screw up everything. Now there’s ten?!

This Prometheus #1: Fire and Stone novel is shaping up like introduction to a board game.

Going back to my original thoughts, yes this novel does take me back to the franchise. I have loads of suspicion, the art is making me on edge, and the final panel is HORRIFYING. Oh, I am expecting major carnage.

Stay tuned for the next installment to see if any questions are answered. I sure will.

Random question:why even bother with humans? why not just send constructs?

Prometheus #1: Fire and Stone will be available from Dark Horse comics on Sept 10.


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