Advance Review of Thursdays with the Crown by Jessica Day George


Cover for Thursdays with the CrownThursdays with the Crown provides an entirely satisfactory ending to the Castle Glower series. At the end of Wednesdays in the Tower, Celie, her siblings, and her griffin found themselves transported to another of the Castle’s towers—this one in an unknown country. They have to figure out how to get back home, what to do about the other griffins in the new land, and which, if either, of two resident wizards to believe.

One of the strengths of the Glower series has been Jessica Day George’s ability to write a family adventure. Celie is the main character, but she is accompanied and helped by her brother and sister, in this case, and is very well loved by her parents. All the siblings and their friends, Pogue and Lulath, are further developed in this book, making for a good, solid group of adventures.

Sadly, the Castle itself is not featured much in this book. This is an unfair complaint given that George has provided readers with a plethora of griffins, a strange new land, untrustworthy wizards, and a crypt, together with a great deal of information about the Castle, but I did miss the eccentric building and its hints and nudges. Still, as I said, the siblings uncover a great deal of the Castle’s history as they explore the new land, and by the end, the Castle has made at least one very important decision.

This is the most complex of the books as the siblings face multiple threats in their quest to learn about the Castle and return home. They also find themselves having to evaluate the people they meet carefully, and to decide who to trust. Additionally, there are some magnificent griffins.

The preceding books, Tuesdays at the Castle and Wednesdays in the Tower, were both delightful reads, and Thursdays with the Crown is a fine finish, resolving many of the issues raised during the preceding books while leaving the door open for the Glower siblings to have further adventures in the future.

Recommended for fans of fantasy, sibling adventure, griffins, eccentric buildings, mysterious pasts, or any combination of the preceding.

Thursdays with the Crown is coming out on October 7.

Publication Details
Expected publication: October 7th 2014
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
ISBN 1619632993 (ISBN13: 9781619632998)
Series: Castle Glower #3


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