Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2 Reminds us of Corporate Hell


unnamedFor any person who has ever worked at a theme park or public attraction, this issue of Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor may seem eerily familiar. After her help in the last issue, The Doctor takes Alice to her first off-world visit. He tells her of the wonders of the Planet Rokhandi, only to arrive and discover that the planet has been turned into a theme park. Furious, The Doctor begins to investigate the sinister nature of all of this. Alice tries to explain to him that times change, but after several attempts by the staff to pacify the two it becomes obvious that the Rokhandi Floss may mean something entirely different than a tasty treat. Alice must survive her first off-world trip with the Doctor and help stop the creature at the center of the theme park planet.

For fans of Doctor Who reading the issue, a theme park planet full of terror is nothing new for the Eleventh Doctor. Last year’s “Nightmare in Silver” made more than one viewer reconsider their plans to travel to a corporate paradise. Al Ewing paces the comic well, doing slow reveals to the nature of the planet without dragging the concept out too long. Simon Fraser gives a nightmarish quality to the mascot of the planet, despite the fact it could be just viewed as a striped pig/bear thing.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor is beginning to find its stride and expand, rather than just rely on the popularity of The Eleventh Doctor. I hope for good things in this series.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #2 is available today from Titan Comics. Reprints of Issue #1 are also available.


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