Review: Black Market #3


BlackMarket03_coverWe all make mistakes.

That is the theme for the next installment of Black Market. Everyone has committed an action they later regret or mistakes that they wish they can overcome. The best you can hope for is not to make the same mistake twice. Ray gave up that hope in the this issue.

Black Market #3  focuses on two different instances where Ray made the wrong choices in his life. The motives, methods, and act of these crimes are wrong. Aiding a criminal by performing a surgery in a non-sterile condition is wrong and unsanitary. Although I didn’t see any pain control or antibiotics so that must have been justifiably painful with the added bonus of possible septic infection. Ray risked everything to help his half-brother,Denny, and lost the gamble. He lost every thing and suffered yet he helps his half brother again. The situation is even worse and more dangerous. Too many people are getting involved and it’s getting really messy.

The biggest question in regards to Ray’s continued involvement with Denny. There are hints of a strained family history between them so it has to be more than blood ties. Ray’s life was secure with a great income and supporting wife. Was the decision to help Denny a false sense of security?First though is no due to his timid nature and slouching. Except for the few panels where he is anything but. There are panels where he confident and sure in his actions. There is a definite sense of resentment toward the supers, especially when Ultra comes in. Does he resent the supers for their natural power? Most likely.

Things are spiraling quickly out of control. Everything is rushing quickly into chaos even as the story flashes back to the past. The life changing mistakes were done at two different points in Ray’s life but were so similar that they run together almost seamlessly in the panel. The differences made me go back and realize that it was occurring a year apart.

Ray seems to greatly regret the mistakes he makes but he will still make them. For they are not just mistakes to him but justification for his future actions. The superiority complex of the supers, the sociopaths of the vigilantes, law enforcement corruption are all figures of authority and power that need to be taken down several notches in Ray’s eyes.

Black Market #3 is available from Boom studios September 2014.


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