Review: Low #2


Low_02-1When the connection to everything you hold dear has been lost, are you able to maintain that hope?

Rick Remender explores that in the second issue of Low. Ten years have passed in the story from the first issue. Stel has lost her daughters and her husband. Her son, Marik is practically lost to her. He spends his time using a hallucinogenic cream where he live out a sex dream of being a gladiator and taking a virgin. Stel struggles to maintain the hope of finding her daughters and a stable planet.

From the first panel, Stel is depleted and hanging by a thread. The tragic events of the past has left this husk of a woman who can only surround herself with images of a happy family.

Marik has become quite an a$$hat. From this issue alone, his character is despicable. This behavior is too expected given what happened to his family.His need for escapism, whether it’s from his mother or through drugs, is an almost universal tactic when events have ripped anything secure from our life. Marik is the complete opposite of his mother in this instance yet they are struggling with the same issue. Stel may be holding on to memories of the past, Marik aims for the future but both are not able to take any step in any direction.

Low #2 is full of despair and grim reality. Everything about it challenges the fragile hope that Stel has for the future. Greg Tocchini creates panels where the art seemed to have melted and given up any hope of stability. The color scheme paints a toxic environment the with various shades of yellow and red. When a hope is found, the colors are slightly brightened.

Ten years is an awfully long time. I wonder what happened to the daughters?

Even if you missed reading the first issue (which would not be a surprise since it sold out it’s first run), Low #2 gives a brief explanation of what has happened  in the first one. Low #2 does begin the buildup to that the story is leading to. From the last last panel, it’s going to be quite a shocker to Stel what her hope is leading to.

This issue pulls the reader deeper and promises to be a great story. I encourage anyone who is interested in a science fiction thriller.Be prepared for graphic scene, this comic series is not meant for the younger or sensitive audience.


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