Mistress of Death: A Look at the Memoirs of An Exorcist


cover49600-mediumMemoirs of an Exorcist: My Life Fighting Satan is the written memoirs of Father Amorth, collected by writer Marco Tosatti. The book is fascinating look into the life of a Roman Catholic Exorcist and what actually happens during the ritual. From patients who spit nails, to the one and only case he has witnessed of levitation, Amorth covers his experiences with liberating people from the power of demonic forces.

Father Amorth is straightforward and does not waste time mincing words or being poetic. He tells it as he has experienced it, criticizing modern behaviors that he feels contribute to the ease of possession and demonic vexation. He takes the time to clarify that there is in fact a difference; possession involves inhabiting the body while vexation is just the harassment on the outside by demonic forces. Father Amorth does not believe in ghosts, but does point out that souls of the damned are often used to torment the living.

Memoirs of An Exorcist does not sugar coat a strict and messy process, nor does it apologize for what it is. For the curious, this book pushes aside the views of Hollywood and goes straight to the heart of a deeply religious matter. This book most certainly is not for everyone. Skeptics will find themselves fighting from page one, while the religious will likely find each brief story fascinating and terrifying in equal measure.

Memoirs of an Exorcistis available September 16, 2014.


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