The Constant Debate: Diablo 3 Edition


10648478_10204036844777683_3145292979393213720_oThere’s a debate that’s been going on since video games became split between various consoles and that is which platform is best? PC gamers will stand by their computers, building new rigs whenever they need to upgrade. Console gamers bicker between themselves, arguing about Xbox or Playstation, Nintendo often being left in the wayside. However, games have started releasing across multiple platforms, including PC and console. This can lead to a few key differences in how those games play, and that’s where The Constant Debate comes in. Here you can read up on different games and how they play on PC versus the console they released on. This time, we’re taking a look at Diablo 3, which recently released on Xbox One and PS4.

10682210_10204036845497701_1667308008321513048_oDiablo 3 has been available on the PC for some time now, and many gamers will shudder when they hear the name, associating it with required online access even for single player and the dreaded auction house. Indeed, these features were on the game from the get go, and while the auction house has been taken out, it would seem that there is still some trouble playing the game offline. This is frustrating for people who don’t have access to the internet when they want to play. That aside, the game plays like many other games of its genre. The hotkeys are the same, utilizing the number keys for various powers. The classes are all quite fun, although at their core they’re all very similar. Some are basic reskins of Diablo 2 classes with minor tweaks: the Barbarian remains, the Witch Doctor plays very similarly to the Necromancer, and the Wizard feels like the Sorceress. The story and dialogue borders campy at times, but I didn’t think it detracted from the game itself. That much can vary from person to person though, and should be taken into consideration. Overall the game plays like the previous installments in the series and is an alright game. There is additional DLC that adds a fifth act to the game which must be purchased on the PC.

10428314_10204036846017714_6548587522778371714_o PS4 and Xbox One have been getting a slew of games to keep them going, some of which are ports of older games. Diablo 3 is one of said games, and the transition was a smooth one. There is no problem with playing offline both for single and multiplayer (so long as the people you want to play with are in the same room as you). The hack-n-slash nature of the game lends well to button mashing, although there is more thought to be put into it than some button masher games due to how skills play with each other. The classes still play similarly, and the story is the same with one major exception: the consoles get the DLC bundled together with the main game. This means that console gamers get all five acts from the get go. The DLC story is seamlessly added to the main story and even strengthens it a bit. There is no auction house to deal with, which is an added bonus.

10679763_10204036844137667_3961126539425174235_oAt the end of the day, Diablo is a hack-n-slash series where you kill Diablo himself. It’s a great game to just enjoy, and I’d highly recommend playing it with friends. The game feels like it was meant for consoles; it was a smooth ride on the console version while I had a bit of touch and go on the PC. I would recommend it to any Xbox or PS4 owner or for hardcore Blizzard lovers.



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