Hexed #2: Into Shade


boom_hexed_002After Lucifer accidentally releases a very powerful, and perhaps slightly deranged man from a painting, her co-worker pays the price. To save her life Lucifer must travel to the Shade, the underground purgatory for the souls of the dead. It is safe to say not all the souls are so happy to see her, either. As she battles her way through a mob of miffed underworld denizens, the man from the painting Yves, returns to the shop and makes life much more complicated for Val and Raina.

Writer Michael Alan Nelson gives us a great character with Lucifer, she is dynamic and fun to read. This series is now in its second issue, and there is definitely a sense of theme. For me it’s about being trapped, and how you choose to deal with it. Do you fight back? Do you find a way out? Do you turn the trap into an advantage? Yves was trapped in a painting, Lucifer is trapped as an heir, and the souls in Shade are trapped in purgatory. Despite the trapped theme, the plot is always moving, and you will never find yourself bored. This particular issue also sets up a bit of the mythos of the world and the rules of engagement for magic, so to speak, which is fascinating.

As mentioned in the previous review, this comic is not suitable for children. The artwork is quite gory, incredibly creepy, but also simply gorgeous. Even the front cover (though there is a safer variant) is quite graphic. Normally this would be a deterrent for me, but it fits well with the comic, and I find it to be elegantly done. The character Harlot, whom Lucifer is an heir to, is the perfect example. She is creepy but elegant, and you can’t help but think “Ugh what is she?” or “Oh lord, is that what years on the job does to you?” But hey, she still dresses sharp!


The world of Hexed looks to be going for a quite complex and detailed world, so I would highly recommend that you start at the beginning and grab Hexed 1 (to avoid missing important details). One of the best things about Hexed is that it takes a strong adventurous character and puts her in a dark and dangerous world, but doesn’t neglect a healthy dose of humor and snark, either. If you like your stories and art a bit macabre, with a goodly dose of sarcasm and more than a dash of adventure, you will enjoy Hexed.

Hexed #2 is available from BOOM! Studios.


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