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One of the first games out on the PS4 was the next installment of the Sony exclusive game series Infamous, Second Son. It was a fresh start for new players and a nod at people who’d been with the series since the first game. The game not only showed off gorgeous graphics but also gave us a new cast of characters to fall in love with. We got to experience the life of Delsin Rowe, the game’s protagonist, as he discovered his Conduit powers. Along the way we get to meet his brother Reggie; an avid geek and gamer kid Eugene; and a former drug addict, Fetch. While all of the characters were interesting, fans latched onto Fetch for three reasons: her interesting backstory, her quirky personality, and her neon powers. Fans loved Fetch, and people noticed. Not long ago, a stand-alone DLC (Downloadable Content) for Second Son came out. It focuses on Abigail “Fetch” Walker and her time in the Conduit prison Curdun Cay.

First Light has two sections to it. The first takes place in Curdun Cay, where Fetch is being questioned by Augustine, the big bad of the series. During these sections, players participate in holographic training exercise, either surviving waves of enemies or saving hologram hostages from gangs. Once they beat a level, they unlock the ability to retry it for points. How well the player does is recorded and they are then ranked on the world leaderboard. In addition, there are challenges that the player can attempt while they are going through the arena, some of which are linked to trophies that they can unlock. If you have a Second Son save, you can play these arenas as Delsin once you beat the DLC.

The second section is set earlier than the main game, and goes over Fetch’s life leading up to being taken to Curdun Cay. During this part, players get an in-depth look at the choices that Fetch made and that helped shape her into the character that we see in Second Son. Players of the main game will recognize the open world style, including the side quests to find police drones, throw up some neon graffiti, save hostages, and the newly added races, which also utilize a new mechanic. During neon runs, Fetch can use pockets of neon gas to speed herself up, which is crucial to winning the race side missions. Once the main portion of the story is done, it’s possible to return to the open world of Seattle and finish up these missions. In fact, it’ll be crucial for completionists looking to get a platinum trophy for the game.

Over all, First Light is an excellent introduction to the world of Infamous: Second Son and I would highly recommend it to PS4 owners. Those who already own Second Son will enjoy the way it fleshes out an already interesting character while those who are new to the series will get to try it out without having to buy the whole game. As a note, this also marks the first time in the Infamous series that the playable character is a female, and I would like to commend Sucker Punch for fleshing out Abigail Walker in a way that made the game enjoyable and avoided some of the common tropes and pitfalls of the genre. Infamous: First Light is available on the Playstation Store for digital download and is $15.


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