Sherlock Holmes: The Spirit Box


sherlock-holmes-the-spirit-boxSherlock Holmes has come out of retirement for a case in the midst of World War 1. Doctor John Watson feels shocked and horrified at the death of his nephew on the fields of France and works to distract himself by working on his literary ambitions, keeping his beloved wife away from the dangers of London. When a famous Parliamentary figure throws himself into the Thames, a man dives into a tiger cage and a famous suffragette suddenly meets a train head on, Mycroft calls on Holmes and Watson to yet again team up to find the answer to the sudden rash of unexplained suicides. With the help of Maurice Newbury, the elderly team work to discover the secrets behind the walls of a bank and the sinister (and possibly supernatural) nature of what is behind the rash of deaths.

George Mann has the skill of inserting his own well established characters (Newbury and Hobbes, as well as past characters he has used while writing Sherlock Holmes books) with a skill that makes their inclusion appear seamless and absolutely necessary. For fans of both the Sherlock Holmes’ tales and the Newbury and Hobbes books, this steampunky Victorian London world is filled with rational explanations dosed with a bit of magic. Sherlock Holmes: The Spirit Box¬†allows fans of supernatural literature to stand arm in arm with those who are searching for a scientific explanation. I love it.

Sherlock Holmes: The Spirit Box is dark enough to contain mystery, but light enough to leave the reader delighted. George Mann’s name on a book always encourages me to give it a read, and I am rarely disappointed.

Sherlock Holmes: The Spirit Box is now available from Titan Books.


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