Gettin’ Loki: Up All Night To Get Spooky



Welcome…to ScareLA.

ScareLA is the fastest growing horror and haunt convention in Southern California. It’s at least doubled since its first year in 2013, and everything is bigger and better than ever before.

Needless to say, Loki had no idea what the f**k. Seriously.


I’m pretty sure Loki would rather ritualistically cut himself with a butter knife than EVER tell me he was scared. He spends so much time crowing about being the true heir of Asgard that he thinks I didn’t see his knees knocking anytime he saw one of these horrific aberrations. By theend of the day, he was trying to hide in pieces of sets so I would show him any more.


Since I was in my element, I couldn’t have given a s**t. Seriously.


I mean come ON, I love mermaids, wouldn’t you be excited as hell to meet a mermaid?


Loki wasn’t.

Well, how about a clown? Everybody LOVES a clown, right? There’s no reason to be scared of a happy, joy-filled clown…


Forget I said anything.

I thought maybe he’d like to get his fortune told, find out when he’d become the rightful king of Asgard and ruler of the nine realms…would perk him up a little, right?


Oops. Wrong.

Maybe an eagle-eyed view would help?


Seems Loki has developed a fear of heights..don’t know how that POSSIBLY could have happened…maybe in New York, or maybe that one time he fell into an abyss of existence…

He did discover the magic of Froggy’s Fog, though, as they had a fog to match his eyes…something tells me this palace he keeps yammering on about is going to be filled with these things, so he can literally have blow smoke up his ass anytime he enters a room.


All in all, it was good weekend. For me at least. But in the end, Loki got the last laugh, like always.


Turns out the monsters didn’t know what to do with him either.


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