Ash and the Army of Darkness is a Work of True Love


cover51745-mediumIn Ash and the Army of Darkness Volume #1, comic readers get to find out what happened with our hero after his return to a normal life. Ash may have made it back to his own time after defeating an army of the undead, but it still doesn’t mean he said the spell right when holding the Book of the Dead. After telling his story to a few co-workers at S-Mart, the deadites attack him and a few others, dragging Ash back to a place he’d hoped to never see again. Reunited with Sheila and others, Ash realizes all too quickly that things have not gone well since he left. In order to get back home, Ash will have to relocate the Book of the Dead, and save the kingdom.

Steve Niles clearly loves the source material with a passion. Ash is, well, as Bruce Campbell as a character can get. The dialogue is near perfect and Sheila returns not as a weak creature but a hardcore fighter. Dennis Calero and Nacho Tenorio combine art styles and make the story easy to follow, but also reminiscent of the film. Ash and the Army of Darkness Volume #1 is truly a work of love.

With witty dialogue, great art and a story line that is easy to follow even if you haven’t seen the film (but more fun if you have), Ash and the Army of Darkness Volume #1 is a great adventure and worth the price of admission.

Ash and the Army of Darkness Volume #1 is available from Dynamite Press September 23, 2014.


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