Doctor Who: ‘Time Heist’ or I Need Keelley Hawes’ Hairstylist in my Life


53c8bf417-1After a seemingly lackluster start to Series 8, Doctor Who finally found its stride in the episode “Time Heist.” Though Clara is preparing for a date with Danny Pink, the Doctor convinces her to go with him for a quick trip as he answers the phone on the TARDIS. Very few people have the secret number to the TARDIS, and Clara knows it will become a more involved mission. The two wake up in a room with strangers. One is a woman who changes form when she comes into contact with cells of another creature. The other is a man who has computer pieces installed on his body and is able to wipe his memories at will if necessary. Their mission, according to a garbled recording, is to break into the most secure bank in the universe and rob it of an unknown item.  Right out of the gate, the group witnesses the use of a “teller” to dispose of a client with evil intent. With their lives on the line, the group dives deeper into the bank.time_heist_4

Keeley Hawes not only stepped up to play the role of the Bank Security Manager, Delphox, butdownload (1) another character as well. She is poised, vicious and just the right level of well-placed concern over job security. It should also be noted that her hair seems to defy gravity with it’s rolls in what I imagine was a serious investment in hairspray for the BBC.  Peter Capaldi keeps his gruffness up, and at one point says “Shut up, shut up, shuttity up.” For fans of In the Loop, this may have seemed reminiscent of a particularly foul-mouthed phone call. Capaldi makes references to the Doctor’s past fashion choices in this episode, but it seems less catty and more genuine.  Jenna Coleman’s portrayal of Clara keeps growing stronger and for the first time, I’m really starting to love her role as a companion.

time_heist_5Though I had nearly written off Series 8 of Doctor Who, “Time Heist” has renewed my interest. Part Science Fiction, part Oceans 11, this episode was good fun from start to finish.



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