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If Bub the cat is a name you recognize, Tara the rescue cat a personal hero, and cat videos your favorite form of entertainment, LA’s Feline Film Festival was your kind of party.  Hosted by Organikat and the Walker Art Center in Exposition Park, the festival featured not only cat video groups but rescue groups and cat themed products galore.

Lil’ Bub was definitely the celebrity to see with his merchandise seemingly everywhere. Second on the bill was Tara the rescue cat, known for her participation in the rescue of a small child that was being attacked by a dog:


Though the event staff seemed a bit overwhelmed, they were friendly and kind, truly displaying a love of felines. The proceeds of the event go to both shelters that participated in the event and those local. Some attendees wore cat ears, while others wore cat suits. Local shelters were on hand with cats and kittens available for adoption and local artisans had their cat-related items for sale.  Dogs were asked to stay at home for this one.

Here were a few of the standouts at the event:


photo 4 (3)

Possibly the most adorable group at the LA Feline Film Festival, the Catfe is working to raise money to open a cat cafe in Los Angeles. Many cities, such as Tokyo, have cafes where customers are able to drink their coffee and interact with cats while they are there.  Though unable to fund their first attempt in February, the  passionate staff was cheerfully excited about their new Kickstarter and happy to take pictures when anyone asked. I can’t express how excited I am to back this Kickstarter.

photo 3 (4)

Catsanova Bowties:

Catsanova Bowties creates adorable velcro bowties and collars to dress up your cats.  If you’ve ever dreamed of dressing your cat up as the 11th Doctor, this was the booth to visit. They also have a lovely Etsy store.

photo 5 (4)

Cats in Clothes:

Created entirely by artist Heather Mattoon, Cats in Clothes are a creative series of clever paintings, cups, bags and buttons. It was hard not to squee with delight over her art prints.

photo 1 (6)

Whimsily Ever After:

There are cute cat toys and then there are Whimsily Ever After‘s cat toys. Designed as pieces of sushi, macaroons, small cakes and hamburgers, the handmade cat toys are some of the cutest works of art I have ever seen. Their staff was equally as delightful to speak with.

photo 1 (7)

Milo’s Sanctuary:

Milo’s Sanctuary is a rescue organization for special needs cats and kittens. On display were animals missing an eye, blind or, in the case of one animal, missing a leg. All the cats were loveable and affectionate, but take some extra care. The group does Adoption Saturdays the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the Month at Petco Unleashed in Granada Hills.


Adopt & Shop:

Part retail store, part rescue organization, Adopt & Shop has retail locations in California that also adopt out cats. Small kittens dropped at shelters too young often find themselves being euthanised due to strict spay and neutering policies. Adopt & Shop rescues these kittens and fosters them until they are of an age where they can be spayed or neutered. They are then adopted out to loving homes through the store branches. The staff was wonderfully friendly and happy to let attendees play with the adorable kittens.

photo 2 (6)

The Cat Cove:

Located in Long Beach, CA, The Cat Cove is a rescue organization filled with love. The group gave away cat care bags and hosted a “name the kittens” contest. Cats and kittens were on hand for immediate adoption and the friendly staff really made sure to show how much they care about the rescue of these precious animals. Cat Cove always needs assistance and would love a few more volunteers.

photo 4 (5)

The film festival itself began at 8:00pm. For the most part, it appeared people had too much of the sun and many left earlier in the day.  I would have loved to stay for the advertised film festival, but heatstroke was a definite danger at this event. I look forward to this even repeating and hope next year the films will start just a tad bit earlier.


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