Rose City Comic Con: Day 2



Rose City Comic Con opened again at 10 AM this morning in the Oregon Convention Center and we decided to get in line for celebrity autographs straight away. It was our hope to get in early and not have to spend a lot of time waiting.

Our first choice was Sean Astin, perhaps better known as Samwise Gamgee from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He was a bit late, due to bad traffic in the Rose City so we chatted with some of the other con goers. Even in line for a celebrity signing there were some fantastic cosplays, including the fairy from Zelda, a Midna and from the Chronicles of Riddick: Aereon. She told me it took her 100 hours to set all of those rhinestones on that costume (holy kow!). She looked fantastic and took the Judges Choice award for costume.

IMG_3894Then we got to the front of the line and met Sean Astin, but as soon as we got there Joe Pantoliano came over from his own table, where he’d just finished up the group waiting on him and started talking to Sean! So we didn’t get to talk to Sean but we got to hear this cool idea Joe Pantoliano was suggesting to Sean. He proposed they use the cast of Goonies to do Arsenic and Old Lace. Sean, he suggested, could play the Cary Grant character, Mortimer Brewster. Joe would direct. “We could do a 10 week run!” It seemed like this idea had just popped into Joe’s head and he had to share it. It was very fun.

Sean Astin’s handlers were about to flip out though, because Sean had been late due to bad traffic and there was quite a line waiting for autographs. The only people who could hear what was going on were the ones right in front of Sean, so us and a couple other people.

IMG_3878After that I wandered over to see Dirk Benedict. His prices for an autographed photo were extremely reasonable and his line was short. So which photo to choose? One of him as the original Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica; Faceman in the A-Team? I finally settled upon a picture of him sitting on the back of what looked to be the Vette from the A-Team with a license plate that said: “Face.”

I chose the picture I did because, after hearing him speak at his discussion panel, this picture made me think of who he really is while still tying in to one of the shows I loved as a kid. He immediately got excited and started talking about how this is his favorite picture. Turns out he had this picture taken in England for his mother but he liked it so well he had copies made to bring to conventions. He loves the shirt and wears it all the time, and the shoes are his favorite. In fact he wore them to the con and showed me. I think he was really touched when I told him why I chose that photo.

We chatted for 5 or 10 minutes and his excitement about this photo had other people in line leaning in to listen and smiling too. It’s something special when you can bring so much joy into someone’s life by something so small. He told us that this was only the second one of those particular photos he’d sold, which to be fair is probably because people want pictures of him in the roles they know him in. So, if you ask me, totally worth the very modest sum I shelled out.

IMG_3899I don’ t know why I thought that the majority of cosplayers would show up on Saturday. I honestly don’t because there were even more cosplayers Sunday and a lot of different cosplays too. I saw quite a few more Star-Lords and the talented cosplayer who played Yzma Saturday morphed into what could have been the best Loki of the con. One of the cutest Star-Lords told me he didn’t want to pay $100.00 for a costume, which I can totally respect. What he did though was get extra creative and I think it was fabulous.

We swung by the Kaijucast booth again to chat with Kyle and the crew ( They were fabulous. They sent us down to a table where some independent gamers were previewing a game they’re working on called Dragon. They’re making a gameIMG_3901 where the player is the dragon! Whoa! Yeah, you get to be the dragon. The bit of gameplay they were demoing was amazing. If you have the time or the interest you should check them out at You won’t be sorry.

I would say the Rose City Comic Con 2014 was a rousing success. I’m looking forward to next year. K.


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