Ghostbusters Comes to an End with Mass Hysteria #20


ghostbusters20Ghostbusters: Mass Hysteria #20 wraps up volume #8 and the current story arc. Tiamat has bested her brother Gozer, and leaves Ray’s mind to continue where she left off, spreading chaos throughout New York. In fact, having enjoyed her time using Ray’s brain so much, Tiamat also decides that the ghostbusters are too fun to let go. She informs them she will be keeping them. If they fail to amuse her, the whole city is in danger of being destroyed. In a desperate play to be rid of her, Winston attempts to sacrifice himself to apease her. What will happen if she rejects his offer, and who will pay the price instead?

Writer Erik Burnham and artist Dan Schoening finish up Mass Hysteria with this final issue of Ghostbusters. Though the story wraps nicely, as any good comic, it leaves just enough behind to suggest the story may continue in a later arc. The art is, as always, colorful and visually interesting. Even the speech bubbles are changed from panel to panel to add interest. When one of the gods speak, for example, the bubbles change in font and color, to imply a sense of power and show their supernatural nature. I found myself really liking this distinction.

In this story arc I greatly enjoyed Tiamat as an antagonist. A machiavellian villain is great, as is a plot to take over the world, but every once in awhile you just want to enjoy a bit of chaos. The writing is snarky, with just a little bit of campy thrown in, which is perfectly Ghostbusters. It is honestly a bit refreshing, in a world of dark gritty urban fantasy. Here you get your ghosts, your gods, your demons, but you get them with a good dose of humor and light heartedness.

If you are a fan of the franchise, you will find yourself right at home with the comics. Burnham does a good job at blending old characters with new, and familiar bits of plot with new stories. Mass Hysteria was highly enjoyable, and I hate to see it go, but I look forward to the next iteration, whatever it may be. Pick this series up from the begininng and give it a try! You’re in for a fun ride!

Ghostbusters is now available from IDW comics.


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