Star Trek the City on the Edge of Forever #4


stThis month IDW continues their awesome Star Trek series The City on the Edge of Forever #4 based on Harlan Ellison’s award winning teleplay.  The cover art by Juan Ortiz features Captain Kirk and Sister Edith Keeler among the New York skyline, with the ever present Mr. Spock in the background.  This cover appropriate foreshadows that Spock must interfere in the love blossoming between Kirk and Keeler in order to save their future.

The story begins with the tender courtship of Captain Kirk and Sister Edith Keeler; played by William Shatner and Joan Collins on Star Trek The Original Series (TOS) Season 1 Episode 28, first aired in April 1967, per IMDB).  At first Captain Kirk denies his growing affection for Keeler citing the need to stay close to her to protect her from st2crewman Beckwith. The ever observant Mr. Spock sees his Captains true feelings for Keeler and warns him against the relationship; “she has to die Captain”.  Kirk cannot contemplate Edith’s death and tries to keep her safe while searching for Bekwith.  While Kirk fights against destiny, it allows Beckwith the advantage in a fight with Spock and he almost succeeds in killing him.  Now Kirk must decide if he will allow destiny to take the woman he loves away from him to save his beloved Enterprise.

This is a great comic series to read if you love Star Trek TOS, just be sure to pick up The City On the Edge of Forever #1 thru #3 in the series so you have the full story.


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