Reviewing Evil Empire #5


Evil_Empire_005_coverWritten by Say Anything frontman Max Bemis, the story of Evil Empire has so far centered around the political machinations that lead to the rise of the Evil Empire. In Evil Empire #5, Bemis takes a break from the characters and twisted plot at the center of the story to focus on a smaller story happening parallel to Senator Laramy’s trial and the subsequent election of Senator Duggin to President of the United States.

Those familiar with Bemis’ voice will see it shining through in Ace, the character central to Evil Empire #5 Ace is a deeply introspective serial killer. He’s in touch with exactly why he does what he does and he has no problem expounding upon it at length to the point that the woman tied up in his basement notes that she’s “been abducted by the only serial killer who doesn’t actually need to see a therapist.” It’s an interesting look at what happens to the monsters when their monstrosity becomes commonplace.

Previous primary artists Ransom Getty and Andrea Mutti are nowhere to be seen as Joe Eisma takes the helm on artistic duties. Eisma’s art is proficient and consistent through out the comic. The choice of a muted palette gives a story that would otherwise be ominous and frightening a comforting and soft tone.

Evil Empire #5 is a strong issue, but I’m definitely hoping for the return of Reese Greenwood.

Evil Empire #5 is available this week from BOOM! Studios.








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