Review: Lumberjanes #6


Lumberjanes_006_coverAThe Lumberjanes have survived an attack from velociraptors. The camp is obviously becoming more dangerous and full of surprises. At this point, the logical thing would be to close up camp, send the girls home, and call in Mulder and Sculley. Instead, they all play a rousing game of Capture the Flag. The game is fun, so this shall be allowed.

Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis continue the story in Lumberjanes #6. Illogical incidents have been occurring but these campers are not fazed at all. What’s could possibly be dangerous about a grueling game of Capture the Flag? For one thing, during the game, Jo invokes some tornado spell involving leaves and runs off into the woods. Diane intercepts her and a mysterious conversation takes place between them. Diane then takes advantage of the confusion and tags Jo. So continues Capture the Flag. Seriously, these campers are either oblivious to their own safety, confident in their own survival, or they are all not human.

The way the sequence of action is handled in the comic is still bothering me. It’s very rough and confusing, although I do appreciate the subtle hints that the golden eye thing was important. Looking back through the issues, that eye was glowing in so many panels. It is responsible for the shapeshifting of the male campers and the dinosaurs. In the previous issue, the old woman cornered Jo and insinuated that Jo was not in her true form. What is Jo then? It all ties in with the golden eye that Jo procured from the weird foxes in the first issue.

I’m not going to be the only person who notices this so I may as well point it out: On the cover of the issue, Jo is holding the eye in a way that can be compared to a female genital organ. Whether or not it’s on purpose and given a specific meaning, it’s right there. Once seen, it can’t be unseen.

In the comic overall, there is a whiff of Greek mythology since Apollo was also mentioned. Much research (Google) was involved to realize that the golden bow and arrow may have something to do with him. What about this golden eye? Is it even an eye? It looks like an eye to me, but I suppose it could just be a brooch.

Lumberjanes is really picking up speed in story telling now that this issue is bringing all the mysteries back. Now I really want to know how it will all pan out.

Lumberjanes #6 is available from BOOM! Studios this week.









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