Gettin’ Loki: It’s Only Forever…


Ladies and Gentlemen…I give you…the Labyrinth Masquerade.

Loki had fun with the…uh…



Labyrinth Masquerade is a massive ball in the heart of Los Angeles. For two evenings, the world becomes a little more magical, which is right up Loki’s alley being a master of illusion.

We met elven handmaidens…


Stone Wisecracks…


Earth Elementals…


And precious trolls named Lily.


We even met a mastodon. An honest-to-god mastodon.


He was roaming around the party and everything. Mind blown.

He got a little antsy when after a few drinks, he saw a hammer. It took a while to calm him down. I mean come on, he could pick it up and everything. He knows better. But one mug of mead too many and suddenly any carpentry tool sets him off.


Just imagine, IMAGINE how it went when he came face-to-face with himself…


I genuinely thought his tiny cranium was gonna explode by seeing a replica of himself that he did not personally create.


We even came across Mrs. Peacock, cleverly disguised as FGN’s one and only editor-in-chief, Victoria Irwin!

Queen Mab and her royal charge were sad to leave the glittering fairy lights that was the masquerade, but as the world falls down, we only need to dream of next year, where once again the goblin king will open his doors.


It’s not long at all…


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