Of All The Gin Joints Pours Out Hollywood History


21853232Mary Pickford was America’s innocent sweetheart, right? Charlie Chaplin was an adorable scamp? Those classic actors that seem so innocent now were not all glitz and glamour. In Mark Bailey’s new book, Of All The Gin Joints, the reader gets a closer look at the drinking habits of some of Hollywood’s most famous elite.

Of All the Gin Joints is divided into sections covering everything from the Silent Film Era to the 1970’s. Celebrities are accompanied by some of their more colorful statements, a biography and a caricature of their image. In addition to celebrity secrets, Bailey highlights some of the famous bars, nightclubs and hotels that the drunken revelry occurred in. He indicates whether these are still available to visit today or whether they have long ago been bulldozed or turned into tenement housing. Drink recipes make it easy to drink along if one is so inclined, but be careful as many of these drinks can knock you off your bar stool.

The book is not only full of interesting anecdotes about celebrities but also works as a fun travel guide through parts of our collective past. All the Gin Joints is great for the celebrity lover in your life or your best bartender. Mark Bailey, we raise this martini to you.

Of All the Gin Joints is now available from Algonquin Press..


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