Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story #2


SH-Down-02-pr-1-38b26Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story #2 continues from Anne’s interception of Murphy Pendleton. With the taste of victory and revenge on the tip of her tongue she chokes, struggling with her desire – to kill a man in cold blood. Anne is haunted. Both by demons she has created and those who have played their hand within her life. Without these, she would not be within the confines of Silent Hill.

But then, as if without warning, writer Tom Waltz and artist create Tristan “T-Rex” Jones introduce something outside of the confines of cannon and create nothing more than a monster with a full erection. Their purpose appears to allude to incest and rape unnecessarily. In order to have the courage to stand up to your father’s abuser, he must then have had abused you. And Jones shows you, explicitly. Surprise!

The strongest parts of story in this iteration were those already defined by Silent Hill Downpour. Once given creative freedom Waltz tried to go dark, dipping his pen in ink that wasn’t needed, required or wanted. It seemed too easy, and too typical of a woman in position of power. The character in both reaction and language has degraded and has lost life. With his experience with Silent Hill I expected better.

Despite its overwhelming stumble, the bones of Anne’s Story are solid and still have potential to redeem Anne. I don’t believe that Waltz and Jones wanted to come off as misogynistic. I believe that they wanted to build conflict, but only skimmed the barrel for weak tropes of women in power. The Silent Hill series has done better and can, with Anne’s Story #3, make it right. Issue #2 is available October 1st 2014 from IDW publishing.


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