DCI Banks Season 2: Crime by the Book


dci-banks-season-2-dvd-cover-87Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks (Stephen Tompkinson) is focused on the law, but far more interested in getting to the truth. Smart, calculating, and beloved by his fellow inspectors, Banks must work with new Detective Sergeant Helen Morton (Caroline Catz) on an initial case that is intensely personal. Season 2 focuses a great deal on Morton as she works to adjust to life at a new precinct. Even as he is the subject of investigation, Banks makes sure to offer her tips on how to understand her fellow coworkers.

The series follows three of the Inspector Banks novels by Peter Robinson. This is not a procedural with happy endings and butterflies. The series is dark and many times the victim is a woman. Two school girls being beaten and left displayed gave me a queasy stomach. I found myself watching Season Two in segments. While it is not as visually dark as say the American TV show Hannibal, it still gives the viewer the nightmare feel of a British crime drama.

DCI Banks Season Two is now available from BBC.


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