Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #3 Heads to the Crossroads


dw_11d_03_cover-doctor-who-review-the-eleventh-doctor-3-true-talentsThough lacking much talent to start with, musicians in Mississippi are turning to the Crossroads and discovering that with a little special help they suddenly have talent galore. Years in the future, Alice goes through her mother’s record collection with sadness and disdain. She comes across one particular artist that looks like the cross between David Bowie and one of the Beatles. The Doctor takes her to the start of his career and they quickly discover that the performer lacks both talent and stage presence. The two discuss this outside, only to be overheard by the performer himself. He accidentally hitches a ride on the TARDIS and the three end up in Mississippi in the middle of a supernatural mystery.

While SuperWhoLock (fans obsessed with Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock) is certainly a force in the fandom community, but I will admit I’m getting a little tired of the crossover finding its way into storylines. Too many times recently it has felt like Doctor Who has followed the lead of Supernatural for storylines. Crossroads? Really? While I’m sure that there is of course an explanation that involves aliens, the tales of selling your soul for talent at the Crossroads is as familiar a tale as any to readers in the United States. The tale and the art are done well, but I would have loved to see the story arc take a different turn.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #3 is now available from Titan Comics.



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