Squidder #4


Squidd-04-pr-1-1d297The tale of the Squidder comes to an end in Ben Templesmith’s The Squidder #4. Following the very literal birthing of a sword designed to kill humanity’s cephalopod foes, The Squidder and the leftover cult of squid-modified priestesses take the fight to the node that will allow the Dark Father of the Squid to cross over and devour the planet before moving on to his next tasty snack.

Templesmith wraps up the very weird saga of the Squidder with a little glimpse into the genetically modified super soldier’s past.  His past has been slowly revealed in bits and pieces over the course of the series and this feels like a fitting beginning for the end. The story moves quickly, wrapping up its loose ends neatly, and leaving the reader satisfied with the journey.

Once again, doing all the writing and artwork, Ben Templesmith’s signature style is all over The Squidder #4. At a glance, the sharp lines, limited color palette, and slightly messy water-stained pages will be familiar to fans of his other work. He utilizes nostalgic sepia tones in the flashbacks and vivid reds contrast with the black in the battle scenes. This issue, as the rest of the series, still has a problem with the word bubbles for the Squid characters. Red and green text on black bubbles comes off as difficult to decipher, especially in a digital format.

The Squidder #4 wraps up this story of the Squidpocalypse with violence and a little mystery. The four-part series is a must-read for fans of stoic gritty heroes, satisfyingly gory moments, and tentacles. So many tentacles.


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