‘The Fan Girl Documentary Project’ seeks Fangirls Attending NYCC to Interview About Their Experiences

Photo from the Fan Girl Documentary

Photo from the Fan Girl Documentary

Do you identify as a fangirl? Love fandom? Been inpired by your fandom to draw, paint, write, or blog? Then we would love to interview you for our film.

The film will incorporate the interviews into a narrative to illustrate the inviting and engrossing world of Fan Girls, and explore how the fandom community supports and encourages creativity, collaboration and friendships.

We will be shooting brief 5-10  minutes interviews with fangirls at NYCC Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If interested please contact Hansi at [email protected] for more information.

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Photo from the Fan Girl Documentary Project

The Fan Girl Documentary is the latest film project by independent documentarian Hansi Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer, an avid Fan Girl herself, is no stranger to fan works. She created and produced “Color Me Obsessed; A Film About The Replacements.”  The film is a history of the seminal band as told by their fans. The Village Voice called this unique focus on the fans telling their own stories “A rock version of  Rashomon.”


For further information, please contact:

Hansi Oppenheimer, Producer

Troubled Girl Films
[email protected]

Website: www.facebook.com/fangirlproject



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