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low 3


The bleak story continues in Low #3 with a hint of hope. Last issue, Marik grew up as an reprehensible character. Abusing his power, consorting with low life types, and his actions resulted in the loss of a life. Stel is close to losing all of her hope after the traumatic loss of her family members and the state of humanity. She then gets a signal that something may be out there.

The pressure is overwhelming deep, way deep, in the ocean where humanity has sought refuge. Running on recycled air and borrowed time, the inhabitants have lost all hope of finding an alternative. They have started wasting their time using drugs to hallucinate all sorts of lewd acts.

When Stel goes to the senator asking for help, he is in the middle of an imaginary huge orgy. He has practically given up on everything.Yet he puts up the strongest opposition with Stel’s proposal of humanity’s possible salvation. Even going so far saying he wouldn’t risk a human life on her whim. They’re all going to die! They have done one single thing to help themselves. If whatever Stel finds actually does help humanity, screw the horny lot in this underground bubble. It would not be surprising if something does happen while Stel and Marik go off to search for the signal.

In terms of Marik, I could see the glimpses of redemption by the end of the comic. His grim and self-absorbed attitude was really grating. His dignity and any shred of respect is gone as he tries to commit suicide right in front of his mother. Not very intelligent either, did he expect her to just stand there and watch? Instead it is all just a cry for attention. As Stel drags him into adventure, he transitions from being an idiotic a$$hat to just a sad and defeated person. It is Stel, the mother and optimistic figure, who reaches down to help him up. All of which s beautifully seen in several panels. Not sure what function those tails are in a suit but it made for spectacular imagery.

Tocchini’s art has really grown on me. The retro/wispy style is another great story telling tool in this story. Panels of intense sexual exploits come off as anchored occurrences, almost like a dream-like state. Given that the population,including the ruling body, are just taking hallucinogens¬† it makes sense. It’s when Stel and Marik pop out of the ship and interact with seas creatures that it went from hauntingly beautiful to just stunning. From a person who views the marine creatures as terrifying and beautiful, this was a great imaginary representation of that. Not sure what the creatures actually are but the last group look like dragons. The last panel is fantastic and epic.

The story is definitely heading up into different path. The issue begins as low as possible in morale, morals, ethics, and future aspirations. By the end there is just hope. Hope that what they will find will all be worth it. What they left behind is not even worth saving or going back to anyway.

Low #3 is available from Image comics at your local comic book store.



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