Review: Sally of the Wasteland #3


Sally-of-the-Wastelands-3In a world….where something really bad happened to Earth….crazy mutated creatures are everywhere…..a pig-tailed sexy girl with a skull tattoo just wants to get it on with Tommy…but first she has to survive.

As the third issue of Sally of the Wasteland shows, it never goes well if your sailing blindly in a fog. Fogs are just scary- period; especially in a world where the waters are full of abandoned large vessels. Really a bad idea when there’s a possible chance encounter with mutated, cannibalistic creatures.

Sally and the rest of their crew continue their adventures in searching for the beacon or signal or whatever it was. After all the crazy things that have happened, I’m really surprised they are still marching on. This is beginning to feel like the futile travels of the Walking Dead stories.

So many scary things are out there in this world and it is definitely dangerous. The silliness and antics from the first issues are few in this one as the group fights for their lives. As their boat is strand from becoming entangled with steel wires, they are set upon by cannibals.

They were described as cannibals but do not look vaguely human at all. As they run for their lives, they lose various people in pretty gruesome ways. I admired the art before but I am truly a fan now. The muscles on these women are beautiful. Even during the gory stuff, I was still admiring the movements and muscle tone.

I couldn’t help but think that there was a lot of fan service going on. Every time I caught it, I couldn’t help giggling. One panel, the woman has a strategically torn tank that highlights here generous endowments very well. Lots of fun boob action was going on but those fight scenes were incredible. One Bamazon took on three cannibals before being bitten; serious sheer power.

The issue ends with a strange sequence. The Cthulhu-like bearded creature at the end sends Sally and Tommy to a farmland vision. Sally is naked under coveralls (so much fan service. You bet the tentacles were involved earlier too) as she propositions Tommy. Then he fades, leaving Sally standing there naked.

What the hell just happened? Are the tentacles squeezing them so hard, they are losing their conscious? Are they suffering from radioactive hallucinogenic fumes (in this world, it is possible)? What’s going on with the rest of the group? Is that beacon just a red herring?

I would feel bad about Sally’s nakedness but considering her personality so far, she wouldn’t care. In fact, Sally is just a great character to follow. She is violent, quick thinking (sometimes), friendly, sexy, and a romantic mooning over Tommy. It also makes me wonder what is it about pig-tailed female characters that just makes them so sexy and fun?

I also wholeheartedly blame this comic series in influencing my decision to purchase Lollipop Chainsaw. I have spent countless hours giggling over sparkly zombies. If I ever see Tazio Bettin at a convention, I know of a lovely commission idea involving Juliet and Sally.

Three issues in and I’m a definite fan. The Grindhouse description is felt more in this issue than the previous two. Even with my aversion to Grindhouse aesthetics, the investment in the story and the art is solid. Attention will continue to be paid to it.

Sally of the Wasteland #3 is available from Titan comics from your local comic book retailer.


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