There is ‘Horns,’ Then There are Horns: Celebrating Horned Characters in Film


Horns-Comic-Con-poster-Daniel-RadcliffeHorror and Science has arrived at the Egyptian theater as Beyond fest has begun. Beyond fest brings nights of horror and fantasy movies to the big screen. One of the highlights is an early screening of the movie adaptation of Joe Hills’ novel, Horns.

Horns is a story of murder, mystery, and horror and the film reflects that marvelously. In the center of Horns is the tragic love story of Iggy (Daniel Radcliffe) and Merrin (Juno Temple). Merrin is murdered by dubious means and all signs point to Iggy. As he hangs on to living by memories and alcohol, an abrupt outburst at a shrine results in Iggy growing horns the next morning. He also learns that the horns have the ability of people telling him their deepest desires and unearthing some truth behind Merrin’s murder. The book is a great read and full of depth. However, I would not recommend reading it at night.

The movie adaptation does differ slightly from the book but it still did a great job encasing the overall atmosphere of the novel. It also drove home that some scenes are easier to read than to watch.
Riding off the excitement of Horns, a list of the most prominent horned creatures came to mind. I present you my list of favorite Horned creatures.


  • HORN1Daniel Radcliffe as Iggy  in “Horns

There is no question that Radcliffe has grown up as your watching Horns. Not only did he sport those awesome horns well, there were parts where he just exuded brooding sexiness. Also, he will always be in Slytherin thanks to this movie.



  • horn2Tim Curry as Lord of Darkness in “Legend

Before Rocky Horror Picture Show, instead of Tom Cruise, I fell for Tim Curry in Legend. He was to be intimidating and dark but instead he was just powerful. Just all levels of amazing power.


  •  horn 3Dave Grohl as the Devil in “Tribute

Dave Grohl’s name is cemented in music history as being part of the iconic Nirvana, ground breaking Foo Fighters, and just an overall nice guy.  His cameo as the devil in the Tenacious D video was an unexpected and amazing surprise. Although it shouldn’t have been a surprise since Grohl does love to play dress up sometimes….


  • horns4Anthony Head as (temporary) Fyarl Demon  in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

In “New Man” episode, Giles has been transformed into a Fyarl demon. To humans, he speaks in demon tongue and has crazy strength. To demons (and the audience), we are treated to an English demon and the result is fantastic. Something about the accent mixed with the demon is just right.


Created by Mike Mignola, Hellboy is superhero who goes by his own rules. Loving chocolate and cats, he can also sport some impressive horns as seen from the movies.



How is it that for every favorite childhood movie, there is a truly terrifying villain that has influenced my life in some way? I blame the Nightmare King in this animated movie for adding to my fear of the dark. True to his name, he created horrific scenarios that would traumatize any child. With his grand stature and deep voice, he was very hard to ignore. I always wondered if ever moved from that area? What did he eat? Children?!

  • horn7Chernabog in the “Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria” in Fantasia

Just to resurface more childhood traumas, remember that demon in Fantasia?



Not all animated horned creatures were terrifying. Some of them were just BAD-ASS.





horn10Sully from Monsters, Inc

Or sometimes not even scary at all.








I don’t even know if this is supposed to be scary…




Or they can be both terrifying and endearing at the same time. Beast is most likely to blame for alot of girls developing that bad boy crush early on. Especially those bad boys with dreamy blue eyes…or with a mansion..with magical servants.


  • horn12 Doug Jones as the Faun in “Pan’s Labyrinth”

Secrets and mysteries can also surround the horned creature. As the movie showed, it was doubtful that this creature had altruistic intentions. What a beautiful creature to follow though.


Were there any amazing horned characters I have missed? Feel free to add to the comments below.

Catch “Horns” at your local cinema today.


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