Mistress of Death: Taxidermy Art



cover46948-smallTaxidermy makes some folks queasy, and others it delights to no end. In Taxidermy Art by Robert Marbury rogue taxidermy gets a creative facelift. The Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermy (MART) are some of the coolest artists around. Taxidermy Art collects brief descriptions of the work of some of the most original taxidermists around, as well as full color images of their work.

The artist range from taxidermists who stick to the tried and true classic methods to those who add gears and pieces to create bizarre steampunk animals. This book is great fun to flip through and includes a timeline of famous taxidermists through the ages. For the more hands on kind of girl, there are instructions for do it yourself taxidermy on a squirrel and a bird.

I cannot wait to keep the printed copy on my desk.

Taxidermy Art is available October 7th from Artisan Press.


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