Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition is a Gem for Disney Film Collectors


73790_frontDisney’s Diamond Edition release for Sleeping Beauty is a triumph. The Bluray Combo pack collects Bluray and DVD in one set. With a new remastered soundtrack, the film takes the original German-recorded orchestral tracts and gives them new life. The colors are bright and the history extensive.

It is not just the famous Tchaikovsky-inspired soundtrack that comes to life.┬áListen carefully as Aurora goes up the stairs to the spinning wheel. For years, the sound has been downplayed as a single musical note, but in this updated sound track one can clearly hear “Aurora” being called up the stairs.

The special features are certainly worth a watch for those interested in the creation of the film or Disney History in general. The Art of Evil takes a look at the animation of villains throughout Disney films, including the recent release Frozen. Once Upon a Parade is a brief short on the Fantasyland Parade at Disneyland. I’d recommend skipping that one. It’s more of a commercial than anything. Deleted scenes and alternate storyboards abound. Features from previous editions of the film are also included. For those who love to sing along, “Once Upon a Dream” is offered as a “Beauty-oke” soundtrack. Singing along after seeing the interview with Mary Costa, the voice of Beauty, it is a little hard not to tear up.

Disney does rereleases right. While we pay a pretty penny for the collections, their edits, remastering and sound corrections make Sleeping Beauty worth purchasing.

Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Bluray Combo is available October 7, 2014.


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